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    Audio By The Bay takes hardware to the high seas on Princess Cruise Line

    In the year of the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruises, Franz Mehrfert and his team decided that the fleet's BGM systems needed upgrading. In close cooperation with Paul Freeman and his team at 'Audio By The Bay' the Cymatic Audio uTrack24 was chosen for this project.

    The workflow chosen for the creation and distribution of content for the Princess Cruise ships starts with the 24 channels of BGM and other music content being created in typical DAW environments. Then this 24-channel music content is assembled into 46-hour looped playlists using uTool software to ensure songs never being played at the same time of day. After the playlists are assembled, the complete content of audio and playlists is transferred to solid-state USB drives thru uTool, completing the project.

    Each of the ships are regularly sent new content to ensure that the guests can enjoy up-to-date music, even while at the high seas.

    Franz Merfehrt
    said “For this application we looked for a robust solution that could be easily deployed on the 50 ships across the Princess fleet. Reliability and ease-of-use where key factors in this decision. And now after nearly 9 months of 24/7 operation across the fleet, we can say with confidence that the Cymatic Audio uTrack24 fully lives up to this task”

    Paul Freeman of Audio By The Bay noted: “Creating high-quality 46 hour multi-channel content already is quite a task. Having this content reliably played back 24/7 across the fleet that could be in any corner of the world at any time, posed quite another challenge. Any failures would immediately result in extensive replacement costs, so besides features, we needed reliability above all. For this project we were drawn to uTrack24 for its unique features like the 'Autoplay' function that automatically loads and plays a specific playlist after powering up. At the same time, I wanted to make sure that I was dealing with a company that would back us up should we need it. Many companies promise support and as I knew this project we would explore the boundaries of the feasible for this project, I needed a team that stands behind their products. And I am glad to say that the team at Cymatic Audio has proven to be there for us when we needed it!”

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    Audio By The Bay completes On-Site mix for this years Gift of Angels Show at USJ

    Universal Studios Japan’s Christmas offering “Gift of Angels III” was awarded The Big E Award by IAAPA for it’s seamless integration of live dancers and singers performing within a digitally mapped environment of holiday splendor.

    The “best show in the world" with soaring, shimmering angels is about to get even better. As a grand farewell to the last appearance of USJ's legendary tree, this show features the most dramatic tree lighting in history. Take the hand of someone you cherish and share a story of love overflowing with light and colors.

    This final year features glorious music arranged and orchestrated by
    Alan Lee Silva. The soundtrack was produced, recorded and mixed by Paul Freeman and Bob Wackerman (ABTB).

    Audio By The Bay was fortunate to work with an unbelievably talented cast and crew. - THANK YOU!!!!

    Director: Kahori Kanaya
    Executive Producer:
    Mike Davis
    Video Designer:
    Bart Kresa
    Music Produced by:
    Paul Freeman, Bob Wackerman (ABTB)
    Music Engineered by:
    Paul Freeman (ABTB)
    Music Arrangements and Orchestrations:
    Alan Lee Silva
    Audio System Design:
    Erik Hockman
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    Audio By The Bay completes Music Production /Sound Design and On-Site mix for Disney Cruise Line's - "TWICE CHARMED: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story"!

    All Because Of A Shoe
    Beginning where the classic Cinderella film ended, this rousing musical is a fresh new take on the original Disney story. In this musical, the story revolves around the premise: What if Cinderella never got a chance to slip on the glass slipper, leaving those nasty stepsisters with another chance to get their claws into Prince Charming? This hilarious, high seas production answers the question.

    A New Villain in Town
    Reuniting the characters from the classic Disney animated film, this musical masterpiece stars Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother, mice Gus and Jaq, the stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella, along with Lady Tremaine the Wicked Stepmother—and introducing an all-new character—the wicked Fairy Godfather Franco DiFortunato!

    The Story Unfolds
    The dastardly DiFornato makes an evil pact with Cinderella's stepmother guaranteeing that one of her 2 sniveling stepdaughters will receive a wedding proposal from the prince, instead of Cinderella. So, using his evil powers, the nefarious Fairy Godfather transports the wicked stepmother and her stepdaughters back in time on a mission to destroy the fateful glass slipper before Cinderella can don it. Oh my! One would imagine this shatters Cinderella’s chances of having a happily-ever-after ending with Prince Charming. Or does it?

    It’s Showtime!
    This dazzling theatrical production brings together Broadway-caliber music, costumes and special effects. The music and lyrics were created by
    Alan Zachery and Michael Weiner—who also wrote the book—combining pop and rock ‘n’ roll elements to create an enchanting score.
    Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story features 8 songs, including 6 original to this production and 2 beloved classics "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" and "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from the Disney film.

    Audio By The Bay was so fortunate and honored to work with an unbelievable number of talented designers, cast and crew. - THANK YOU!!!!

    The credit list is extensive - here's just a few of the gifted individuals involved with making this production happen:

    Joe Calarco
    Choreographer: Karma Kamp
    Executive Creative Director:
    Kevin Eld
    Executive Producer:
    Kris Bunnell
    DCL Executive:
    Jim Urry
    David Baldee
    Production Manager:
    Dustin Malcolm
    Lighting Designer:
    Chris Lee
    Scenic Designer:
    James Kronzer
    Costume Designer:
    Harmony McChesney
    Video Designer:
    Tyler Langford
    Video Creative Designer:
    Jenni Ogden
    Production Stage Manager:
    Gail Malatesa
    Disney Executive Music Producer:
    Matt Walker
    Music Produced by:
    Paul Freeman, Bob Wackerman (ABTB) & Jonathan Barr (Imagination House)
    Music Engineered by:
    Paul Freeman (ABTB)
    Music Arrangements and Orcheatrations:
    Alan Lee Silva & Timothy Williams (ABTB)
    Audio System Design:
    Steven Koepke

    And the cast….. AMAZING!!!!!
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    Audio By The Bay just completes Music Production and On-Site mix for Universal Studios Japan’s 15th Anniversary Parade - “Re-booooooooorn”!

    Best news ever for all the faithful of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, the Studios is going to celebrate its 15th Anniversary on this March 31st, 2016. Under the theme of Re-born, a massive attack of attractions and events will immerse the visitors in excitement and utmost happiness. More than any other, Universal Studios Japan leaders believe that Japanese now need the energy to reborn more than aver. Therefore, taking advantage of the 15th Anniversary, Universal Studios Japan desires to establish a power which can warm up any calm hearts and waking the deep sense of excitement sleeping in your heart up. Everyone can live the most wonderful moment in their life with refreshed and rejuvenated emotions like once again in life, they are reborn to be children.

    The Parade was Directed By:
    Michael Barnard, Choreographed By: Sergio Mejia, Music Written By: Mathew Tishler & Amy Powers, Music Director: Jon Kubis, Music Produced and Recorded By: Paul Freeman & Bob Wackerman, Float Audio Design and Programming: Erik Hockman & Aaron Leishman, Executive Producer: Michael Edward Davis.
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    Audio By The Bay Completes Direction, Music creation and On-Site mix for Universal Studios Japan - “The Violin Trio” - Directed by our very own Joe Pileggi!

    As part of
    Universal Studios Japan’s 15th Anniversary “Re-Born!” Celebration, Audio By The Bay produced the music and directed the all new Violin Trio Show. The show features three incredibly talented violinists, performing on electric violins, enhanced with guitar-like effects, showcasing their virtuosity in a wide range of musical styles from contemporary Pop, remixed Classical and Classic Rock. Audio By The Bay would like to thank the incredible Entertainment Team at USJ for their support and hard work through the entire production process.

    Executive Producer –
    Michael Davis
    Show Producer –
    Hirotaka Sakaoka
    Ent. Creative Development –
    Charlie Messerly
    Music Producer/Show Director –
    Joe Pileggi for Audio By The Bay
    Music Composer/Arranger – Jon Kubis
    Staging Choreographer –
    Alfred Jackson
    Production Stage Mangaer –
    Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi
    Costuming –
    Yuko Yanagihara

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    ABTB Releases it’s “Custom Shop” Speaker line

    TimbreMill, LLC was founded in 2010 with the mission to build the finest high-end professional loudspeakers in the world.

    Over the last 16 years TimbreMill's core team of award winning designers and engineers have worked together designing, building and fabricating the audio systems and loudspeakers for some of the biggest entertainment projects ever produced. In addition to the current product catalogue, TimbreMaill offers custom loudspeaker design services to meet the needs of any project that requires it. timbremill.com